Print Posted by BB Murals on 03/09/2017

Toddler Area, Climbzone Indoor Gym, Laurel, MD 2015


My first encounter with Climbzone was as a sub-contractor.  I was hired to decorate the half wall that encloses the 3 & Under area at the Climbzone gym in Laurel.  The painted grass you see was already there from a previous painting session that I was not involved with, I simply added the animals and flowers.  We cut holes out where the faces would be to offer a photo opportunity for the young kids and their parents.  Most 3 year-old's have their own Instagram accounts by then, right?

Anyway, the treatment also included a chalkboard wall with some starter drawings to get them thinking, or to fill in the shapes.  From this job, things progressed into a 40 ft. logo and other murals in that location, to a permanent, full time job designing and painting the climbing walls themselves!  A position for which I am currently employed and loving every minute of.

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