Print Posted by BB Murals on 03/09/2017

On Location, Film Set "Evan Almighty", Northern, VA 2006


I was part of a team of artisans responsible for dressing up the ark and making it look pretty for the camera.  That meant hiding all evidence of how this enormous prop was assembled.  We spent weeks treating the tiny screw holes first with wood filler, then wire brushing the wet filler to match the wood grain, then finally painting them to look like the cedar ark.  It was painstaking, repetitive work, but enjoyable - good company.

There was also piles of foam wood that needed to be painted to match the existing wood.  I remember working on those and turning around to see an animal trainer with three large Timber wolves getting ready for the next shot.

Most of the ark was kept in a warehouse in pieces until complete and ready for assembly on a large concrete pad outside.  The warehouse fondly became known as "The Island of Misfit Toys" because of the harsh working conditions and its separation from the main sound stage.

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