Although these products have been around for some time, I just became familiar with a line of ecologically sound special finish materials highly touted by one of the foremost schools in the country for decorative painting, The Finishing School.

Faux Effects® is an interactive system where all the materials can be interlaid in virtually unlimited combinations creating extraordinary finishes. These materials consist of translucent glazes and reactive solvents, in addition to marble, wood and glazed finishes.  They can be applied by brush or roller, layered and hand rubbed for a flawless finish, or sprayed where appropriate for increased production.

Differences between Faux Effects® and traditional material include:

  • Faux Effects® glazes stay workable longer than any other media that we have to work with, oil or water-based.  In one technique glazes are dry brushed one to two hours after application to get organic positive and negative patterns.
  • The basecoats, glazes, texture, plaster materials, and finish coats are all interactive. In many cases we take advantage of this by actually using the drying process to obtain our finishes.
  • Because of the unique chemistry, many different colored glazes can be used in one application without getting muddy, even if they are from completely different color families.

All of the Faux Effects® media are water-based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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