Facebook Strategies for Your Design Business

With over 500 million active users, Facebook is quickly becoming the social networking king. The growth it has seen last year alone staggers the imagination – and with 50% of those users logging on daily, it doesn’t appear Facebook will be slowing down in numbers anytime soon. Whether you are one of those statics or not, it’s pretty hard to ignore the impact it is having in our society, both personally and professionally.

At first glance, Facebook may appear to be nothing more than a fancy chat room, but if you understand the basic difference between Personal Profiles and Business Pages, you will also see that this social icon isn’t just bringing friends together … it’s building businesses. The real caveat is that it’s free! What other form of marketing can you say that about?

Facebook Optimizes Google

Here’s an interesting statistic for you: Facebook pages are ranking higher in Google than the average SEO optimized website. Crazy, huh? Businesses are quickly learning that it only makes sense to take advantage of Facebook’s fan pages to promote their company’s products and services. However, as with any marketing tool, there are strategies that will help you get better results and keep you from making mistakes that might possibly do your company more harm that good.

Basic Strategies for a Business Fan Page

  • Engaging Your Viewers… goes to the core of why you are using Facebook in the first place. Relevant conversation between your “fans” and your business should be your number one priority. Interaction on your “wall” will open dialog that will be essential to whether your fan sticks with you, or moves on. The number one mistake businesses make on Facebook is to be constantly selling. There is a time and a place to advertise on your business page, but using the wall should be kept as informative, yet “un-solicitated” as possible. It’s a fine line, but it’s an important one.
  • Use the Wall to Your Advantage … which goes along with engaging. Here is where you’ll build your brand and a sense of community with your fans. It allows your fans a place to interact, ask questions, comment, and generally get an overall feeling of what your services or products stand for. If you use your wall appropriately, your fan base will grow – and then you’ll be able to target your advertising more effectively by catering to an audience that is willing and eager to learn more about your company.
  • Naming Your Page Correctly … and getting rid of that absurd URL that was initially assigned for your new page – however, you must receive at least 25 “likes” before you can take that step. Changing the URL is a simple process, but be aware that you can only do it one time, so be sure you are happy with the name you’ve chosen. When you ready, click on the “Edit Page” which is found on the upper right hand corner of your page. Next, select “Marketing” from the left hand side links. Now, create an “Alias” and select the page’s name from the drop down menu. You will now be able to create a new URL. It would look something like this: facebook.com/interiordesignpro.
  • To Be Liked You Must Like Too! … Venture out and find other businesses or people whom you interact with, do business with, or just genuinely admire. Use their “like” button – and post relevant conversation on their wall. Again, relevant is the main denominator when interacting with other businesses, including your own. In other words, their wall is not the place to promote your own products or services. Posting courteous, relevant conversation in a positive and enlightening manner is key and will result in a positive flow back to you.
  • Give Them More … Invite your fans to explore more of your business by providing pertinent links on your Facebook page. Be sure your website and/or blog is always visibile and accessible. You may have a Twitter account or YouTube that can also be highlighted for their viewing. Consider adding a Welcome Page that could act as portal to your mailing list or other another means of driving sales and traffic.
  • To Post or Not To Post … post, of course – but with awareness. Maintaining a presence on Facebook requires you to provide fresh content that will attract the attention of new fans, and keep your tried and true ones coming back for more. Many businesses wonder how often a post should be made, and while that may be an arguable point, a good rule of thumb is every two or three days you should be providing fresh content. The key word here is “fresh”. Try not to re-post or repeat unless it’s to build up excitement for an upcoming event.
  • Keep Your Friends, Your Friends … think twice before sending them information they didn’t request. Your fan base may consist of many personal friends, but don’t actively pursue them for business unless they’ve specifically asked you to contact them. Let them stay in touch via your fan page and updates. This is why it’s always best to keep your business page and your personal profile separate – you keep your friends and gain their respect too. Everybody wins.

Grow Your Business

Facebook is quickly becoming a businesses marketing dream. If used to it’s full potential you can literally reach hundreds of thousands of people while only sacrificing a few hours of your time here and there. By keeping your content relevant, updated and consistent you will find your fan base, and your business, growing and prospering … and isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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