Google +1: Expand Your Interior Design Network

Google + ProjectIt’s no secret Social Network Marketing is here to stay – it has quickly and efficiently become a serious contender in the realm of marketing your Interior Design Business and catering to your client/customer base. With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn being the top three success stories, it was only a matter of time before another adversary in the world of Social Media would come on the scene.

Google+, launched late June 2011, is quietly making itself known throughout the social networking circles which have many people buzzing about how the Internet giant will be able to afford them a brand new convenient means of transforming their current business marketing plans from a ho-hum effort to a fine tooled machine that reaches customers in a way that may have been too burdensome to bother with before.

Distinguishing Google+ From Facebook

With the pros and cons still being hashed out amongst the reporters, blogs, and general public opinion, the Google+ Project contends that its overall function improves networking capabilities in not just one, but several distinct and improved ways that helps distinguish itself from Facebook.

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Areas of Contention

  1. Circles: Google+ puts a new spin on organizing your contacts, whether it be friends, co-workers, family, business sources, industries – you get the idea. This multitude means of “grouping” allows you to organize your contacts in an effective manner and streamline your marketing efforts. Circles also expands on Facebook’s recently added idea of a Send Button, whereas you can specify who sees the content as opposed to everyone seeing the content. The circles concept – achieved from simply dragging and dropping a contact’s photo over a “circle that represents their group” – makes organizing a breeze.
  2. Stream: Simply put, this feature allows you to receive instant updates from any contact in your Circles arena – sort of like Facebook’s news feed, however, with Google+ you can pick and choose whom you’d like to share the information with – it’s not broadcast blindly into your field of friends.
  3. Sparks: What would social media be if you didn’t have any reason to be “social”? With the introduction of Sparks, you will have access to a wealth of information on just about any topic you can imagine. Much like Engaging Your Fans on Facebook, this conversation starter will provide more than ample information to share and discuss with your circle of friends, clients and associates.
  4. Hangouts: Just like the name implies, hangouts will provide you an opportunity to “hang out” with your friends. With this Google+ feature you can gather up to ten friends and have a pow wow via video chat where everyone can converse just as if you were face to face. Similar to using Marketing Strategies on Facebook, Hangout will allow you to meet with specific groups of associates, clients, subcontractors, etc. – think of the possibilities this will afford your business!
  5. Huddle: Going mobile, this group messaging feature will allow everyone inside a circle to know what’s going on at any given time of the day. It allows you to coordinate with friends and family, business associates, clients and others in an instant and make sure everyone is on the same page – all at the same time.
  6. Instant Upload: Facebook addresses uploading photos from your mobile device as well, however, Google+ brings a new dimension to this feature by capturing any photo you snap and directly adding it to a private album in the cloud. This allows the photos to be right at your fingertips whenever you are ready to share. If you are an Interior Design Professional, this will be an invaluable means of providing the ultimate service for your clients!
  7. Location Notifications: Many current fans of Facebook like to include where they might be traveling at the time of their post. With this location feature included in Google+, every posting will automatically include your location. This feature is easily turned off, but for those that travel a great deal or have family that may need to know their location at all times, it’s an extra added nice touch.
  8. Portability: Unlike its soon to be adversary Facebook, Google+ doesn’t just lock up the shop when you are ready to leave its service. In fact, you can take all your data with you – which is really a priceless feature when you think of all the negative implications it could have on your design business if you had to leave your contacts and conversations behind.

Google Hub

Google+ = Increased Marketing Opportunities

Although the Google+ project is (at the moment) still in a beta phase, that doesn’t negate the fact that anything Google touches will be a contender in the Social Media market and is here to stay – which only means that your Interior Design business now has a brighter future due to another arena of marketing in which you can hang your Interior Design hat.

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